• Kay Kuehn

Just Sayin'...

It is summer and that means kids are around Open Hands Monday through Thursday. Not only are there kids coming to Kids' Club, there are also kids coming to Open Hands to do a week with us for their summer Mission Trips. Monday's and Wednesday's we have two groups of kids who come to volunteer from 9:30 a.m. until 3 p.m. One group helps with setting up, preparing, serving and cleaning up for the meals. The other group works strictly with Kids' Club. On Tuesday's and Thursday's we have one group who comes. In the morning, from 9:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m., the kids, and their adult leaders, assist us with our Food Rescue from Kowalski's. They unload it from our volunteers who have gone and picked it up from the store, weigh it in, sort it and prepare it to be used in either our meal on Wednesday or for giveaway at our meal on Wednesday. Once done with that task, they will then commence working on any other projects we have lined up for them. Finally, they are responsible for making the meal they will serve for the kids who come to Kids' Club. Clearly we are getting some good help to get a lot of extra things done around here that would normally take a very long time if we had to do them on our own, just sayin'...

Last month I FINALLY took a vacation. I did a few different things but mainly I just enjoyed time for myself doing what I wanted, when I wanted AND getting up without an alarm clock! I enjoyed eleven days of much needed time off. I did this knowing that once June 13 came, I would have some very busy weeks until the end of September. What did I do on my time off? Let me start with a very exciting thing which made me very proud. Bridgid Dowdal, a longtime friend since high school, has been involved in Law for many years. She was recently appointed by Governor Mark Dayton to become a Judge in the 10th Judicial District. On Friday May 20, I attended her Investiture ceremony, fancy word for being sworn in as a Judge. I can now say "I have friends in high places", just sayin'...

I must admit, although Bridgid's ceremony was pretty amazing to be a part of, I had a fun time in....GREEN BAY WISCONSIN! As I like to say, "I went to my heaven on earth." It is no secret that I am a HUGE fan of the Green Bay Packers. But what you may not know is, I am an owner of the Packers as well. The picture on the right was taken from the highest place in Green Bay, a game viewing area in the South End Zone of Lambeau Field restricted to those who are in the suites of this particular area of the stadium. I have not been to the 'Hallowed Ground' since they enclosed the south end zone, completely moved and renovated the Packers Hall of Fame, Packers Pro Shop and the plaza area outside the main Miller Lite entrance gate. I was VERY excited to spend a couple of days, and yes, some of my money, at Lambeau Field, just sayin'...Oh, and GO PACK GO!!

As you may suspect, it is a very BUSY time here at Open Hands. We have added our second day of meal service on Wednesdays and of course Kids' Club. With all of this I find I am in constant motion four days out of my five day week. Consequently, Friday becomes my day of the week to get the paperwork, etc. side of Open Hands caught up. Yet when I get home each night, what do I do? I hop on my bike for a ride or I go for a 3-4 mile walk. If you know me, I am not one who likes to sit around, so being busy, and still having time to go biking or walking, which is my way of regaining my sanity and sloowwwing down when I get home each night is fine with me, just sayin'...

Something that is very exciting for me is the FIRST ever Open Hands Golf Outing and Supper on July 31. It will be fun to see how that day unfolds. I am even tempted to get my clubs out and try my hand at golf again, it's been a loooonnnnggg time. I am sure I will hit the ball about as far as I could jump but I have been told it is a FUN event and golfers of all skill levels are welcome. Therefore, I find the courage to sign up and golf, and you are there golfing, you may come up behind a really slow group, it will probably be me, I'll wave you through, just sayin'...

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