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From Helpless to Hopeful

I can honestly say I have felt so helpless in the recent weeks when it comes to serving our neighbors in need. When we heard back in March that all citizens were being asked to shelter in place, I had a sick feeling knowing of the many guests we serve and wondering how they would make it through without our services. Then just when we thought we might return we were told of the extension to that shelter in place order. It was during this time that the Open Hands Midway Board of Directors began planning how we could help while our doors were closed. I must say we have some dedicated and caring individuals on this board and I am grateful for all the suggestions and ideas they came up with, just sayin'...

It was decided we would begin by hosting a once a week grab and go food box. However the word was slow to get out so we decided on other options. That was when we learned of Shobi's Table and their interest to park their food truck in the church parking lot once a week to offer a pay as you can lunch. But that wasn't an Open Hands Midway offering so we kept thinking. We knew meal service and food shelf service could not be like it had been as we would have to implement the practice of physical distancing. With that in mind we determined we could pre-pack food bags and order pre-packed emergency food boxes from Second Harvest Heartland which they were freely making available to meal and food shelf programs like ours. The plan turned into re-opening our food shelf which we did on April 28. The next thing we discussed was when we could start our Monday meals again and we all agreed on the date of May 4. For the foreseeable future this will be held as take away meals only. Clothing and additional produce will not be offered just yet. And because we care deeply about making sure no one goes hungry, we are adding a second day of meal service on Wednesdays beginning May 6 with grab and go bag lunches. Now you can see we are ready to come back to serve our neighbors in need. We know it will still be some time before service can be the way we have done it in the past. The guests we serve are always our number one priority. With that in mind, we need to be financially strong upon opening our doors again. In order to do this we are reaching out to those of you who hold a special place in your heart for this organization. Your financial contributions and food for the food shelf are welcome. We hope you will consider these opportunities and share them with others who may be wondering how they can be of help during this unique situation we all find ourselves in.

Thank you for caring. Be safe, be well and be blessed, just sayin'...

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