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We APPRECIATE Our Volunteers!

My job as Executive Director has never had a formal written job description. I was elected to my role at a November 2014 meeting of the Open Hands Midway board. In recent conversation with various members of our Board of Directors I shared that I was working on getting this taken care of. As I know I will not be here forever I am being proactive in crafting this long overdue piece of information. The sarcastic me simply wants to have it say, for duties and responsibilities, 'Does it all' because it literally feels that way at time, just sayin'... I have joked that I do everything from climbing into our stinky trash dumpster to clean it out on a hot summer day to meeting with the CEO of the MN United and everything in between. I guess you could say I have my work cut out for me on this one which is probably why the time taken to actually do it has lingered on and on and on, just sayin'... Every year Open Hands Midway has a spring and fall appeal letter crafted and sent to those who are on our mailing list. (If you are not on the list and would like to be please request to be added by clicking this link) It is never an easy task to ask people for their hard earned money. Earlier this month we sent out our spring appeal letter doing just that. With all of the programs of Open Hands Midway offered free to our guests we depend greatly on the support of those who believe the work we do in our community is vital. If you are not on our mailing list and would like a copy of our letter please click here to download one. When we work together we can make a difference. As you may have heard before, hunger is invisible, the guests we serve are not. Would you consider making a donation to our spring funding appeal? I thank you in advance for your consideration, just sayin'... Open Hands Midway we will be hosting our 7th annual golf and dinner fundraising event on Sunday, July 31. This has been an incredibly fun event for us to host. We will once again have a silent auction at the dinner. Our dinner will be catered by Brine's Market & Deli of Stillwater this year. There will be prizes for golfers present during the program held at the dinner. The golf game is not too serious, especially when you consider I am involved, so do not worry if you are a casual golfer, as we welcome golfers of ALL abilities and skill, just sayin'... Open Hands Midway will continue having our staff, volunteers and guests wear masks while attending our meal and food shelf programs. This is all in an effort to keep our community safe and healthy as we all work to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus and variants. Thank you for your understanding. In my role as Executive Director I have the pleasure of working with ALL the volunteers who give of their time to serve our guests during the meal and food shelf programs. It is a joy to get to know these people, to serve with them each and every week and to know they are as passionate about what we do as I am. This is why I want to offer my sincere THANK YOU to each and every volunteer during National Volunteer month. Without you our work would not be possible. From our Board of Directors and staff please know how much we appreciate your devotion, the time you invest, the way you care about the guests we serve and your continued support of our work and mission. You are a blessing, just sayin'...

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