Rules Which Provide a Safe Environment for All

We are glad you are here! All are welcome as long as you follow the rules and respect the leadership. We have established the following rules which make for a safe place for all persons within this community. We expect that you will follow them.

  • We do not tolerate racial, gender or age denigration (or put-downs).

  • No weapons, drugs or alcohol are allowed on your body or in your bags.

  • You will be asked to leave or be removed from the premises:

    • If you are under the influence (drugs, alcohol) or are sick enough to infect others.

    • If you are aggressive or reckless with your eyes, body, words or behavior. This includes fighting, name calling, racial slurs, disrespect, and bullying.

  • You are responsible for cleaning up after yourself, when you eat or when you use the restrooms.

  • Dress respectfully and moderately so you are not a distraction or stumbling block to others. Pull up your pants to cover your underwear, cover your breasts, stay away from short shorts or see-through clothing, remove hooded sweatshirt from over your head.

  • Open Hands Midway leadership solely reserves the right:

    • To call the proper authorities if you participate in criminal activity while on our property (i.e., gang activity, buying or selling, fighting).

    • To escort you or bar you from the premises. In other words, it is non-negotiable.

Please report any violations of these rules to the Executive Director

Effective 12/02/2019