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Open Hands Midway has limited space for parking. On days when we have programming our lot is marked 'Volunteer Parking ONLY.' While we make every effort to have our parking lot available for volunteers, we cannot predict if it will be full or not when you arrive. Parking is available at the Spruce Tree parking ramp but you must pay for parking there. Street parking is limited. Please note that Open Hands Midway will not be responsible for any tickets or tow fees you incur while volunteering or attending our programs and events.

Thank you for your understanding.


Since 2009 Open Hands Midway has gratefully accepted donations of gently used clothing and household goods. As of Monday, September 14, 2020 we are no longer accept these items. After learning how our surrounding neighborhood had become a food desert, and noting the rise in the food insecurity gap, the Open Hands Midway Board of Directors voted unanimously to move in a new direction to become a meal and food program only. We have made this transition with our wonderful community in mind.

Thank you for your understanding.

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